Introducing Kiev-based electronic duo Katl June

Kiev-based electronic duo Katl June consists of music producers and live performers, Max Katl and Anell June. Before their collaboration on the electronic stage in 2017, both artists have gained their music experience working separately in a various genres. As the result they easily intertwine absolutely different tunes from jazz and soul with beautiful minimal techno, creating their own unique palette of sounds. During live performances they’re always feeling assured, adding some powerful and mysterious vibes into their melancholic electronic music, using Ableton Live DAW, Akai Midi controllers, as well as some of acoustic instruments.

When you listen to Katl June your imagination naturally begins to create visions and shapes. It sounds so cinematic that you immediately immerse yourself into parallel universe, just closing your eyes.

“In order to draw the attention of the listeners we made a bold decision to shot our live performance minus the colors. We brought all of our studio gear to the the rooftop of the apartments we live in and got to work.”

Connect with Katl June

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Credits: All photography by Malinovska JU

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