Meet rowdy acoustic Pop band, Cinders

When and why did you start singing and performing?

I don’t know if we ever actually wanted to be singers. We all loved playing and performing. Singing is just a natural part that comes along with writing songs. So when we were teenagers we would write songs and sing them for our friends but not many others. It wasn’t until we had graduated from high school and that we became more serious about playing music professionally. Singing songs that you have written and hearing the crowd sing them back is an experience like none other.

Where did you get your influence from or what made you pursue your style of music?

With their being 6 members of our band, we pull our influence and inspiration from a lot of different genres and artists. There are small hints of indie folk, jazz, and metal sprinkled into the mix. We have been called rowdy-acoustic-pop and we love that title of genre. We play this genre because it is fun. That is basically it! I don’t know if we would call it pursuing it. With the 6 of us writing together, it just naturally happens.

What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?

No matter what business you go into, relationships are crucial. We think of them more than connections though. If you are always looking for someone to plug you in, you won’t know what to do once you get there. We love making friends who are in the same world of music with us. When you find someone with a common goal, it is hard not to want to help each other. We have some great friends who have helped us receive some amazing opportunities. We are glad that we have been able to do the same for them as well.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

People are going to tell you “no” a lot. Take that as a stepping stone to finding that one “yes”. It is a very difficult business but it is extremely fulfilling. Whatever your passion is, you should follow it! Life is meant to be lived the way you want to live it. Be the best person you can and follow your passions.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently?

We would definitely still choose music. It is one of those things that you are so passionate about that you have to be doing it all of the time. I think we all agree that if we started over again, we would listen to our parents when they told us to practice our instrument every day. Our career path would not change though. There is nothing that makes us happier than driving around the country packed in a van together playing shows with our best friends every night. As much work as it takes, it is extremely fulfilling and it really is a dream come true.

How do you get people to take you seriously as a musician?

We can tell anyone that we’re musicians. It’s just as easy as claiming to be a spy, or claiming to be from the future, but in order to get anyone to believe any of those claims, they’d need some proof. The easiest way to show people that we really are musicians is to just tell them to listen to our music. We always put a lot of effort into the songs, and we like to think that they speak for themselves.

Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

We play concerts much more than we play live on the radio or TV. The energy of the crowds at concerts are insane! It is so much fun and that is why we do this. We spend so much time in the studio writing and recording so that we can spend even more time on the road playing for as many people as possible!

Do you get nervous before a performance?

We definitely used to. After playing a few shows though you get used to it. I think one thing we still get nervous about is how many people will show up. Even when we sell out venues we still are worried for some reason!

Have any of your songs been published? (If so, by whom?)

We’ve had our music shared in a lot of independent media and advertisements. One of our favorites to note is the multiple placements in the Waffsicle series “Last Minute Trips”. Those guys are so nice and their show is awesome. We feel honored to have our music shared in their to help add to the character and emotion of the show.

Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? (Why?)

We have talked with a lot of labels. So many of them are very kind and connected. They want to help and believe that we can help them as well. We haven’t signed with anyone yet because at this point it isn’t a priority or much of a benefit. We are strong believers in doing things ourselves. We each have different skills, talents, and backgrounds that help us with the business end of the band. Until it becomes too much for us to manage ourselves, we will remain independent.

What live performance experience have you had? (Any industry showcases?)

We have been on multiple tours throughout the Western United States. We have had some incredible opportunities playing with some of our favorite artists for fantastic crowds. In the past 2 years we have played over 100 shows with 100 lined up for this next year. We absolutely love playing shows and we are stoked to be back on the road again.

What is next for you?

We are so excited for the release of our brand new album Looking Forward to Looking Back, coming out everywhere on September 29th! Make sure to follow on Spotify and Apple Music to hear it first!

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