‘CODES’ is the new SS19 collection from MAX.TAN

Fashion has had a long history of deconstruction and reconstruction; all eyes seem to be focused on the possibilities to reimagine “mundane” everyday real clothes.

This season, the collection reworked school uniforms and played it out in ink black, chalk white and uniform navy. White shirts were manipulated into fluid caftans, handkerchief hems, cut away backs and lopped off collars – adding a touch of déshabillé to the otherwise strict garment type.

Other styles freely bared the body while still projecting an air of discretion. Fluid dresses floated in gentle pleats on the necklines and are paired over mesh tee shirts and relaxed tan tops.

Tee shirts with help tucked out effect paired with a full knife pleased skirt, pinafore pencil skirt worn over a shirt with sailor shoulders – an ode to school uniform dress codes.

It is a collection that realizes fashion can be artful while still holding fast to the tenant of “real clothes”.

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