Depth through simplicity: ‘Inner Battles’ is the new video from emerging UK artist, Unique Creation

Inner Battles will be the third visual, east London Lyricist ‘Unique Creation’ releases from his ‘Dark Season EP’. This visual brings us closer to Unique Creation’s thoughts and the battles he deals with as an emerging artist. The Inner Battles music video displays a well thought out and melancholic atmosphere with imagery that supports his metaphors.

Inner battles is a well thought out and seamless song, which concentrates on depth through simplicity. The song is aimed at people working to build their dreams while having to deal with insecurities and fighting to believe in their own potential.

The song goes even deeper by concentrating on what it means to be a successful artist without compromising on principles and deeply held beliefs. Unique Creation chooses a gentler sound to make his feelings more tangible to the listener.

Dark Season EP is available now via Unique Creation’s website and all major digital outlets.

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