An examination of her inner psyche: ‘Code Blue’ is the debut EP from indie pop artist, MADELINE

MADELINE is an ambient, indie pop artist whose music is built on eccentric piano parts and synth riffs, simplistic yet hard hitting electric drum patterns, and layered raspy vocals with airy harmonies. She uses her untraditional, textured voice to tell stories.

Following her high school graduation last June, MADELINE [mad-uh-lin] devoted her time to writing, recording, and producing her first EP, Code Blue.

As a young female artist influenced by her own personal experiences and relationships, MADELINE is able to connect and relate to her audience. Though she grew up as a pianist and vocalist, MADELINE now writes and produces all of her own music. As her first release, MADELINE wants Code Blue to reach as many people as possible.

Consisting of four songs, Code Blue is an examination of her inner psyche. “Drive” was inspired by a struggling relationship, along with the certain escapes to get yourself through it-in this case driving and music (hence the quote at the end). “Lighthouse” written about MADELINE’s relationship with her older sister, describes their inseparable bond and begins with a quote from her sister when she was four. “Juneau”, the slow song on the EP, was named after dreary Juneau, Alaska where her dad grew up. The song describes a complicated relationship with her father that in the end is loving and supportive. Lastly, “River” is about watching yourself grow distant from the ones you love, and the distress that causes.

While some of her influences include Sylvan Esso, Ella Vos, Lorde, and Brandon Flowers, she has ultimately been compelled to form her own sound, to set her apart from the other young female pop artists in today’s industry.

‘Code Blue’ is available now to purchase / stream via all major digital outlets.

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