Meet RAYLO, a four-piece musical collective from London

The collective is fronted by singer/rappers Reece and Teni, both from creative backgrounds. Reece brings a distinctive voice to create captivating melodies that have become an integral part of the RAYLO sound. Teni brings an instantly recognisable deep, soulful tone which features heavily in RAYLO’s songs.

Who are Raylo?

We are a 4-piece London collective that consist of Reece Whyte, Teni Soloman, George Renwick and Robin Reeve. 2 Producers & 2 vocalists.

When and why did you start music?

We all come from different backgrounds but music really was the thing that brought us all together. We’ve all been making music or writing songs since as far back as we can remember, but have pretty different journeys which kinda creates the diversity in our music and influences.

How would you describe the music you create?

For the taste makers. Music that allows you to ask yourself questions. Explore your imagination. Let the production and lyrics mean whatever you want them to mean to you!

What is the meaning behind your latest EP ‘So Gone’?

So Gone means remaining who you are on your journey. Knowing where you’ve come from and never forgetting.

What is your favourite song from ‘So Gone’?

Teni – Remember Me, Reece – Remedy, George – So Gone, Robin – Lingerie

Have you been working on any new music since the drop of your current EP?

Yes – we are always working hard in the studio! We’ve got another albums worth ready to drop [Laughs]. There is no stopping us really!

Are there any artist you would love to collaborate with in the future?

The Weeknd, Drake, N.E.R.D, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak to name just a few.

What’s your ultimate direction for your music career?

Success – we want to be the best group out there, allowing our music to be played and adored around the world. At the same time helping people through our music.

Any last words? 

We go by the name of Raylo, we’re bringing something different, fresh and music you need in your life.

‘So Gone’ EP is available now via all major digital outlets!

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