‘On My Way’ is the latest release from emerging pop artist, Rika

Why don’t we have more Asian pop stars? Do they feel that coming from a certain background means they’re not going to be accepted as mainstream figures? 18 year-old Rika comes through with a personal mandate to consign that kind of thinking to the scrap heap of history.

What does pop mean these days? Mainstream bangers? Synthetic popstars? Rika came to prominence after she saw the plight of Syrian kids on the news and wrote a song about it. Once it had raced past 1M views, people got interested. Rika wasn’t a political firebrand, she just saw kids suffering and wanted, in her own way, to try to help. A teenager with heart, then.

Her new release “On My Way” is also a banger, make no mistake: jagged basslines and an inescapable chorus and hook, layered underneath a clearly talented vocal should generate notable intrigue around this rising star.

Rika comes through in her own lane as a new iteration of popstar we can all believe in.

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