‘Hourglass’ is the debut release from the fresh UK alternative collective, Friends1000

Why is everybody so angry? – The climate of hip hop has always been stern. Unsurprisingly, being a genre born out of disenfranchisement. But recently, a surge towards the darker, grittier tones of Drill and Scream-Rap. When you take a step back, it does seem disproportionate. Combine that with one of one of the craziest years of the 20th Century; 2018. It certainly looks like a continuing trend. But with it, a fresh breeze, a new kind of attitude emerging in the urban scene. An undeniable, unrelenting optimism for the future. Enter Friends1000, Manchester’s freshest inner city, alternative collective, with their debut single – ‘Hourglass’.

Hourglass’ hyperactive rhythm expresses itself in the most Friends1000 way possible. Making itself known with an undulating, soft, trap beat fitting the “small gathering turned into a party” tone. A party celebrating the new progressive attitude in hip hop. The modern man that grooms himself, is happy to be happy, and has a hands off demeanour with women – “2018 and we’re grown, ain’t no numbers on our belts – figure what you want yourself”

Partnering up with renowned videographer Theo Blackledge ( JME, Firsco – True To Me | Tremz – It Could Have Been ), Friends1000 display themselves visually with near-psychedelic patterns and colours as every verse plunges you deeper into your own personal listening party, with alcoholic drinks served.

Built from the ground up and fueled by the raw power of friendship. This trio prides itself on the mantra of clean eating, clean living and a clean sound. Illustrated and mascotted by a seemingly simple potted plant, Friends1000 are the underdogs of hard hitting visuals married to a smoothly delivered sound.

Connect with Friends1000

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Credits: Videographer: Theo Blackledge | Photos: Sauce Network

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