Telling his own story: ‘Maroon’ is the debut EP from UK Artist / Producer & multi-instrumentalist, Nayla Nyassa

Birmingham-born Nayla Nyassa (Nay-la Nai-assa) has been stunning people with his musical talents since the age of five. Even at this tender age, he was able to caress sounds out of everything from keyboards, guitars, bass guitars to drums and even his own vocals. It was at this point that seasoned session musicians at his Father’s recording studio gave him his childhood nickname ‘Sillkey’.

Having heard family stories about the Maroons as a child, Nayla became fascinated with these inspiring African descendants. This interest eventually gave birth to the concept for Nayla Nyassa’s debut E.P ‘Maroon’.

The Maroons were West Africans who managed to escape slavery. They ran from Spanish-owned plantations when the British took Jamaica from Spain in 1655. Lead by their formidable matriarch ‘Nanny’, the Maroons were brave and fearless in their fight for freedom. From their mountain bases they were able to help others to escape.

This four song EP takes us on a wild musical and lyrical journey into the life of a ‘Maroon’, from the past and present, in pursuit of freedom in the modern world. Nayla’s empowering message is intermingled with a sonically eclectic style, fusing elements of electronic, gospel and his Caribbean roots. From spine shaking basslines and apocalyptically massive beats to lush pads and retro-tinged timeless future classics.

Birmingham-born Artist/Producer/multi-instrumentalist Nayla Nyassa (Nay-la Nai-assa) also known as ‘Sillkey’ has collaborated with an impressive list of artists including Jacob Banks, Craig David, Skepta & Ray blk. After years of recording with artists, he explained that, “Now is the time to tell my own story”.

The autobiographical project explores themes such as balancing the pursuit of success, love and declaring victory over battles with depression and anxiety. Maroon is definitely worth listening to.

‘Maroon’ is available now via all major digital outlets.

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