‘Silver Spoon’ is latest release from one of Scandinavia’s most elusive and innovative artists, Kill J

Following her highly-anticipated new releases – the fiercely political “Strange Fruits of The Sea” and “Dead Weight Soldier”, Copenhagen art-pop muse Kill J emerges with her first release of 2019, the sugar-sweet, noir-as-hell “Silver Spoon” the third offering from her forthcoming new album ‘Superposition’.

Kill J again defines her style as equal parts ironic candy and vicious over a playful, almost child-like xylophone instrumental. Continuing natural artistic and sonic allusions to the likes of Charli XCX and Banks. It’s an uplifting, albeit absolutely knowing and poignant new release from one of Scandinavia’s most elusive and innovative artists.

Speaking on the track, Kill J explains:

“It was so much fun working on this song with Liam. I have been a Big fan of his work for a long time, so I was a bit star struck during our first meeting. But he was so nice and he got my vibe from the start”

A visceral response to today’s times, Kill J’s new body of work ‘Superposition’ evolves around the world of particle physics and scientific discoveries. This is, as Kill J explains: “Because in the end, only science will save us.” The imperious artist again shows why she’s such a defining artist in her own right – thrillingly smart lyrically and visually, with the kind of video that will again cement her reputation as one of Europe’s foremost cult talents.

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