Viral UK Rapper Christian Foley drops his debut album ‘Excommunication’

UK based Hip Hop and Spoken Word talent Christian Foley recently released his debut album Excommunication.

Excommunication showcases not only Christian Foley’s unique ‘old school’ lyrical ability but places it over contemporary, forward thinking production. This album encompasses a range of genres, influenced mainly by notions of Soulful Hip Hop and Spoken Word delivery. Christian’s sound could be compared to the likes of Loyle Carner and George the Poet, poetic raw UK edge with the beauty of well crafted rap lyrics.

The 16 track record, Excommunication, is Foley’s first solo project, and reveals an unexpected, darkly compelling side to the artist most known for repeated, lighthearted viral freestyle fame.

Christian Foley is an internationally renowned educator by day, using music to engage classrooms and to promote against current issues such as knife crime. He is also an ambassador for mental health, and will be performing his latest work on ITV on Friday 15th February.

His impressive improvisation has since seen him grace many of the most influential platforms across the UK, not only on BBC One and Sky News, but also appealing to new audiences on This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

Christian’s talent has taken him to Oprah’s Television Networks, PMQ’s at Westminster, TED talks and the Premier League. Globally renowned rapper 50 Cent also shared footage of Foley to his millions of followers.

Alongside his place in Hip Hop, Christian is a notable figure in the poetry world, being noted by Sky Arts as in the ‘top 20’ promising artists in the UK.
Every month he hosts Spoken Word Sundaes, a platform that is recognised as a hotbed for emerging new talent.

Although in its early days, Foley’s musical career has garnered the attention of some of the most influential radio DJ’s in the country with the lead single from his mixtape, ‘The Meaning of a Break’ was selected by Huw Stephens for Radio 1’s Best New Music.

The debut album by Christian Foley, Excommunication is available to listen NOW on all major digital platforms.

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