A combination of contemporary music, personal experience and his own emotions: Introducing singer-songwriter, Anthony DeRoss

Anthony DeRoss

Anthony DeRoss is a solo artist whose style is inspired by a mixture of the pop, singer-songwriter, and R&B genres. The highlights of his sound come from his smooth yet powerful vocals, and warm guitar accompanied by poetic and hard hitting lyrics.

He draws inspiration for his music from a combination of contemporary music, personal experience and his own emotions. Anthony is from Staten Island, New York – where he frequently plays at local bars and festivals in which his performances are well received by audiences of all ages. Anthony realised his talent and love for music was something he could really push as a career and decided to do so at the age of 18.

Anthony DeRoss

He put many hours into vocal lessons, songwriting sessions and guitar lessons to cultivate his skills fast, skills which are always being pushed to the next level. Although from time to time he likes to wind down with his friends by playing a strategic card game known as Magic The Gathering.

Anthony is always looking for a new challenge that he can dive into and continues to evolve and create as an emerging artist.

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