Cooking up a storm: Meet emerging UK rap artist and producer, Knucks

Hi Knucks, tell us about yourself. Who are you and where are you from?

I’m a 24-year-old rapper/producer from North West London.

What inspired you to write/create your own music when growing up, how old were you?

Listening to local MC’s and rappers in my area and secondary school who were spitting. This was in the era of sending and downloading music through Bluetooth and Limewire. I was about 12 years old at the time.

Were there any artists that inspired you when growing up?

When I was listening to Grime my main influences were Dot Rotten and Ice Kid but when I later got into UK Hip-Hop, I listened to a lot of Youngs Teflon.

What differs your style and flow from other artists in the same genre of music as you?

I rely more on the traditional styles of rapping and not so much the new spaced out ‘Migos flow’. As for my production, even though its filled with modern elements, it is very old school and sample based. I also like to have a concept or message behind each song I do.

How do you gain inspiration for new music?

Just observing my surroundings. Whether it’s watching films, scrolling on the timeline or listening to other music. Finding a new concept to talk about or a new style of music to rap over can come from anywhere.

What tune has Knucks got on repeat at the moment?

I’ve been bumping this Tariq Disu song for a couple weeks called ‘Don’t Worry’. I’ve also been playing the whole of Ragz Originale’s album ‘Nature’.

Outside of music what other passions/hobbies do you have?

I haven’t been doing it a lot lately which I’m not happy about but when I’m not working on music I like to draw and do digital art/paintings. I also do 3D animations when I can. That’s what I studied at university.

What was it like juggling music and university?

It was pretty difficult to be honest. As one can imagine university was already a challenge, but I definitely didn’t do myself any favours. I was in a situation where I would have a show in London and then would have to take the train up to Kent that same night to make it for a 10am lecture in the morning. I couldn’t have done it without my family and team though.

Is there anyone you would love to work/collaborate with?

I think after all the years spent admiring her, I still would pick Sade as the person I’d like to work with the most. The few years I’ve been in this industry I’ve met and worked with a lot of singers, but I’ve never come across one that has a voice as unique as hers, it’s one of a kind.

We hear you mention ‘No Days Off’ quite a bit. Could you tell us your meaning behind this?

‘No Days Off’ is a collective of me and some of my team. The ideology around it is that everything we do on a daily basis is related to the music, whether it’s making a beat, listening to old songs and samples or watching films for video inspiration. It all ties in to what we do, so it’s literally no days off.

What advice would you give to the younger generation who follow/ idolise you?

Authenticity is key. As cliché as it may sound, the only way you will stand out especially today is by being so unapologetically you that people will have no other choice but to respect it.

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