Introducing singer-songwriter & musician, Sanjana Devarajan

Sanjana Devarajan is a dreamer, learner and most certainly a musician. If she is not singing, she’s writing or composing. Being a Singer-Songwriter is her plan A and there is no plan B. She says, ‘If I get into IIM-A, I’d think of it as a failure’. She believes she’s not meant for the conventional and says, ‘I’m learning to bridge the gap between what I plan to do and what I do’. She makes art off her misery and hopes to get paid for it!

She has learnt Carnatic music for 7 years and is currently learning western classical music. She has performed her original music at many open mics and gigs. Her performance at Indian Telly Technical awards 2018 – Sahara Star was one of her most notable performances.

She has won the Gold Medal at Mumbai University’s, ‘Youth Fest’ 2018. She recently got interviewed by Wizard Radio, UK’s most popular teen radio Station. She also started a series called “Bathroom Series”, in which she takes 2 popular songs of different languages, blends them together and sings it in her bathroom. Greatly inspired by Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift, she aspires to write songs as relatable as theirs. She is currently looking to collaborate with like minded producers.

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