‘No Games’ is the latest release from UK rap artist, Aj Vasco

North London based Hip Hop artist AJ Vasco presents his latest single ‘No Games’.

Inspired by other North London talent such as Joe Black and Squeeks, ‘No Games’ is true the the raw rap sounds of the city. The single takes us on a lyrical journey through his battle to be successful, breaking through the barriers of his difficult childhood to get to where he is today.

The final product that is ‘No Games’ is a quality production that blends various layers to showcase this unique British talent. AJ Vasco describes ‘No Games’ as “a feel good song despite its deeper message” because he is a strong believer in the power of inspirational music.

AJ Vasco cannot be confined by genre, his writing and recording style is very spontaneous, starting out with simple beats and melodies that progress into well established raps.

His talent to create a song, verse, melody in a short period of time has garnered the attention of fans across the world after his Instagram freestyles went viral. The initial buzz from his music and freestyles led to co-signs from Internet Sensation Chunkz to Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua.

‘No Games’ is available now via all major digital platforms.

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