‘Tell Me Everything’ is a three song alt rock EP from Arjit and Company

‘Tell Me Everything’ is a three song alt rock EP. These were songs inspired by singer songwriter Arjit’s journey towards loving himself and doing what he loves. The EP starts with “Tell Me Everything” which talks about loving oneself by being true to oneself by doing what one loves and not “living a lie”.

In the second song “Fucking Love You”, he talks about his struggle with being true to his feelings and this song is what happens when it’s kept inside for too long and finally explodes.

The third and final song “follow me down” came from a place of frustration as people around Arjit would often talk about how he is wasting his life and spiralling “down”. This was kind of his argument back to them saying that if going down means having no regrets then everybody should “follow me down”

The video is interesting as they link to each other. It takes us through the journey of feeling out of place, going through loss and finally letting go.

Arjit’s crazily inspiring hope, through his life and music is to encourage people to be true to themselves, do what they love and in turn love themselves. This EP was brought to life by company members Ritesh malaney and Dhruv kathuria who themselves are on a similar journey and resonate deeply with Arjit’s songs

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Credits: Written by Joshua Eugine (PR)

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