‘The Transition’ is the latest release from UK rap artist, Kazthe1st

UK based rapper, Kazthe1st presents his brand new album ‘The Transition’, available now via all major digital platforms.

The Transition is inspired heavily by the gushes of emotion that life throws at us on a regular basis. The title represents lifes constant changes and the ongoing battle with having to adapt. Every moment of the 10 track collection submerges the listener into the cleverly crafted lyrics and pulls them further out of reality.

Kazthe1st speaks out about the temptation to suppress our feelings and instead channels his emotions into his music.

Kazthe1st has been making and performing Hip Hop since his teens and is no stranger to success. At just age 14, his earliest music video garnered the support of Worldstar Hip Hop where he won young talent of the week.

Already, Kaz has taken to the stage with a number of Londons most promising underdogs such as Joe Black, Squeeks and Tallman. Support from major Urban influencer, GRM Daily, has seen Kazthe1st reach audiences far and wide, with his music video for Victory Lap reaching over 15k views.

Not only that, his raps and freestyles can be seen across YouTube, some holding over 60k views despite being in the early stages of his journey.

‘The Transition’ can be found NOW on all Kazthe1st’s major digital streaming platforms.

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