Premiere: A story of fake friendship, ‘Drama’ is the latest offering from emerging Singer-Songwriter, Juvenal Maze

East London’s Juvenal Maze returns in quick succession with his second single on SOULUVMUZIQ. ‘Drama’ is a playful mix of contemporary vibes in RnB and Afrowave enriched with Juvenal Maze’s inimitable vocal performance. Utilizing a different vibe than on his double single ‘In A Place / She Just Wanna’.

Juvenal Maze narrates a story of fake friendship and ways how to cope with
those – through following one’s vision, working hard and not spending energy on fake, jealous people.

When asked about what inspired him to write ‘Drama’, Juvenal Maze says:

“For ‘Drama’ I found inspiration in a situation that happened to me. A guy I knew constantly tried to test my character. Obviously, I did not appreciate it at all. Before wasting any energy on something meaningless, I just went ahead and wrote this song. I’m not the guy for any drama so I rather use that energy elsewhere.”

‘Drama’ is available now to purchase and stream via all major digital platforms.

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