UK singer-songwriter Sidiq goes deeper musically and lyrically with his new single ‘Lose’

The r&b/soul/pop ballad is based on the battle of self worth/love verses doubt inflicted by others and ourselves.

A soulful vocal performance fused with a grand r&b/soul/pop production, Lose explores a different side to Sidiq as a singer/songwriter. From its deep lyrical content to the dark aggressive yet subtle production, Lose was crafted by Sidiq, David Olaniyi, Femi V, Patch Boshell [Drew Schiff] and Josh Hawkins on guitar.

Lose is the second official single to be released under Sidiq’s 8een Era for 2019. This Era explores the different experiences Sidiq went through in 2018. The 8een Era showcases songs of self encouragement and self love designed to uplift and empower listeners. ‘Lose’ stands against all types of negative emotions we feel as humans that defeat us. From self doubt, guilt and voices of the past Sidiq declares all will ‘Lose’. In a world where mental health issues seem to be making its way to the forefront of societies concerns, Sidiq’s Lose is definitely a song to encourage and empower those who maybe going through a tough time in life.

Sidiq brings something fresh and new to the table of great R&B acts at the moment, with this soulful and encouraging ballad uplifting a young generation of people like himself going through the ups and downs of life.

‘Lose’ is out now on all music platforms.

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