Alternative R&B artist Ane talks musical influences, most meaningful song and her latest EP ‘LLF’

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What inspired you to begin a career in music?

Well, I think growing up in an Asian household with a tiger mom, I was always told to practice piano or go to the Y for swim classes but singing was the only thing that I wanted to do for myself. I fell in love with singing from singing at church and I think I secretly held on to that love for a long time until I finally decided to go for it.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest musical influences are artists who aren’t afraid to be themselves and be vulnerable in their music such as Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse amongst others.

You are back making music after an extended hiatus from music, why the break and why did you start making music again?

I wasn’t in the right mental state. My personal life was unstable. That experience has definitely made me realize that mental health is so important It’s something that I work on and check in with often.

Everyone experiences good days and bad days, as a musician, when you have a bad day, what motivates you to keep moving and look ahead to the future?

There are definitely days when I get discouraged and experience self-doubt. But I try my best to push those thoughts away by listening to motivational podcasts, working out, and surrounding myself with positive people.

Photo credit: Aqua Stone Throne

Throughout your musical career, have you experienced any ‘wow’ moments? Those moments that you stop to reflect and can’t believe you are where you are?

I tend to always want more, which is a habit I need to work on. Before I write a song, I usually journal and just check in with myself and see where I am mentally. During these moments, I always make sure to give thanks and remember to be grateful for all that the universe has provided me with and all of the progress I HAVE made.

What differs you and your sound from other upcoming artists in the music industry?

I think I just have a little bit more of an old school sound. I went through phases of only listening to older R&B and the way people used to write their lyrics and harmonies were more classic, more poetic. I think I unconsciously resort to that often. My vocal arrangements are also fuller than most modern R&B songs.

You have just released your new EP ‘Lonely Lovers Fantasy’ can you describe the creative process and the concept for the EP?

LLF was a departure from my last project, “Bitan” which carried a heavier emotional weight. I do believe that no matter how much heartbreak we go through in life, the heart can regenerate if you try and let it. I wanted these new songs to feel lighter and be representative of that. There is a sense of loneliness in some of the songs but no real heartbreak.

In your own opinion, what is the most meaningful song you wrote? What makes you say that one?

I think I have yet to write the most meaningful song of my life. I think there is so much more in me that is waiting to be released.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

I would advise the person that if they are not willing to fight for it and bleed and fight for it again, don’t do it.

What does the foreseeable future hold for you as an artist?

I see myself digging deeper and writing a broader spectrum of music. There is so much you guys haven’t heard from me that I can’t wait to share!

‘Lonely Lovers Fantasy’ is available to purchase and stream via all major digital platforms.

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