‘Haunty’ ft. The Nasty Poet & Bapou Costi is the latest release from Rhett Nicholl

North London’s Rhett Nicholl presents his debut official single “Haunty” ft.The Nasty Poet and Bapou Costi. After a dark period where he was unable to make music between 2012-2017, Rhett has spent the past two years honing his craft and today is the start of an incredible journey.

The accompanying visual, directed by Jack Murray and Sam W. McFadden and produced by Channel 13, is a homage to the areas of London that Rhett loves and frequents. Cameo’s include Oneman in Streatham & Chennesy in Kentish Town. A beautifully filmed and suitably emotive and haunting visual.

Speaking on the single, Rhett states:

“Haunty began as a reaction to the passing of a close friend and seminal figure in our culture. I’m trying to work through those feelings it became a means to explore the issues and struggles of the people who really grew up in this city.”

Featured artist Bapou Costi (a former convicted armed robber turned St Martins School of Art Graduate) continues:

“These lyrics come from a longer stream of consciousness, like most of what I write. There’s no start or finish, no resolution or gimmicks. This section addresses a life that all my people have lived, and much continue to. I wrote this for London, the real ones that get the metaphors, the sub text and word play. If you know you know…”

The Nasty Poet (Sophie) adds:

“I think it’s often really hard to put into words quite how difficult things can be, my lyrics came from a place of pain, and a real emotional connection to someone going through something. I think it can be very easy to mask how we feel, brush it away, and pretend it doesn’t exist. For me, it was a chance to vocalise that deeply intimate and personal connection you can have with someone, in my case an ex, as they go through their struggle and what it feels like to be part of it. I think our track shows the intricacies of living and dealing with pain. We go through so much, we live through so much, and it’s important to be able to find a voice through it all”

Born in The Royal Free Hospital in North London, Rhett Nicholl grew up in Finchley to parents of Irish and Italian American heritage. His dad was tour manager for The Ramones/ Blondie and his mum worked for the legendary Sire Records. (Cyndi Lauper, Everything But The Girl, Aphex Twin, Ice T and more.) Rhett’s first steps into the world of music, via the inspiration of his parents previous roles, was through a metal band that covered Black Sabbath. He later formed his own Punk Band, but found himself drawn to the world of Graffiti as a further form of expression. Finding his own sound, Rhett cites influences in the like sof Terry Reid, Shlomo, Roll Deep and Burial.

Rhett’s journey is only beginning; but his talent speaks volumes. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come this year.

Haunty is available now via all major digital outlets.

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