‘Ride or Die’ is the latest release from emerging Afrobeat talent, Professor Paws

Ride or Die is an authentic urban track riddled with melodic hooks which lay below a set of soulful rap lyrics, blending together to form a contemporary non-defined release. Artist and Producer, Professor Paws, wrote this track after being inspired by the women of Instagram, each line letting us uncover a new layer of his story.

The hard-hitting beat came first, immediately setting the back drop for vocalisation. Keen collaborator, Professor Paws, kept this one as his own but sought after Big Chess to lay a powerful rap verse for completion. Together, it took very little time to bring this track into life, both putting in the hours in the studio to produce near perfection.

Professor Paws hails from South London where he has been producing music since the age of 14. Since then, he has been surrounded by a range of musical influences, shaping his sound to move across a range of genres. His biggest placements thus far have come alongside the likes of Giggs, Joe Grind, Angel, Big Chess, Fekky, C Biz, Gunna Dee and Joel Compass.

With Ghanian and European heritage, Professor Paws ensures that diversity always shines through in his music. He now spends time raining in on his gritty influences to craft fresh hits for the UK and Ghana.

‘Ride or Die’ is available now from all major digital platforms.

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