Soulful melodies, R&B harmonies, with a touch of electronic elements: Miki Rose presents ‘Nomad Diaires Vol. 1’ EP

Miki Rose is a singer-songwriter based in both London and Los Angeles whose sound is comprised of soulful melodies, R&B harmonies, with a touch of electronic elements. She graduated in voice performance, music business and songwriting from Berklee College of Music where she had a scholarship.

After graduating Miki Rose moved to LA and started putting vocals on beats that she found on Soundcloud, calling them flips. She started to gain attention with her flips, more so when she released her flip of Stwo (Drake, 6lack) Morphans, this led her to be introduced to her long-term producer El.Train (Rachel Foxx, Jerome Thomas, Pipp Millet).

The first three singles (and accompanying music videos) of Miki’s upcoming EP Nomad Diaries, vol. 1 are already released, Wavy is produced by Toolbox was released in October 2018 and was added to Spotify Uk’s R&B UK playlist and premiered on BBC 1XTRA.

Different produced by El. Train was also premiered on BBC 1XTRA, and received support from key London stations. More recently Miki Rose released Never Give Up, produced by Jengi, in Jan 2019 and premiered via Rinse FM in the UK and KROQ in the States, it was also added to Spotify’s New Dance Revolution playlist.

Miki’s Nomad Diaries, Vol 1, does include three new tracks, the upbeat lead single By My Side, following on with the slower and sultry Coast and the soulful, R&B infused Unknown. Speaking on the project, Miki Rose says:

“The past three years, I’ve been based in London and Los Angeles. I’ve been working on music in London, LA, NYC, New Orleans, Brighton, Italy, and The Netherlands. Nomad Diaries, Vol. 1 is a reflection of my life during that time.”

By My Side, was the first song Miki Rose and El.Train worked on after their collaborative Over and Over EP. Speaking on the release she says:

“It was at the start of my Nomad Diaries experience, I dropped everything to be by my mum’s side when my grandfather suddenly passed away. I was living fulltime in LA at the time, and coming to England on that trip made me realize how much I needed to be in London and LA. Since then I’ve been back and forth working on music between London and Los Angeles, with writing sessions also in the Netherlands, Italy, New York City, and New Orleans.”

Miki Rose’s Nomad Diaries, Vol 1 is available to purchase / stream via all major platforms.

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