UK rap artist Lukey Storey drops his rugged and rough latest release ‘Made For Love’

North West London artist Lukey Storey has come through with new single ‘Made For Love’, a tropical ode to moving your way through conflicted relationships and romantic fixation.

Launching himself into the scene as a solo artist in early 2018 Lukey hit the ground running, dropping playful and thought-provoking singles, making it clear from the offset he’s not afraid to delve into the cynicism and realism of life. With his debut single ‘What It’s Like’ picking up critical acclaim, his matter-of-fact lyrics and icy humour was delivered with, as described by The Line Of Best Fit “elegance and charm over a timeless hip-hop beat” – this being a continuing theme throughout Storey’s songs.

Lukey boldly uses his own issues with mental health, disclosing his troubles with addiction and ADHD, to mould his creative process and signify something that goes deeper than just the music. From previous drops such as ‘What It’s Like’ and ‘Fuck Everyone’ as well as tracks throughout his debut EP ‘I’m As Shocked As You Are’ released earlier this year, it’s clear Lukey doesn’t hold back speaking openly about his demons.

This new single is no different, Storey states “it’s a song from 2 perspectives. For me, it’s a conflicted love song about taking a relationship for granted, denying to myself how I have felt and then honouring its meaning. It’s about dealing with obsession”. Calling upon talented East London vocalist STAC for chorus duties (of whom made her first appearance on Bonobo’s “Balls Bounce”)

‘Made For Love’ deals with these issues against smooth, tropical instrumentals with hints of contemporary reggae. His previous drops set the bar high for what’s to come next and now Lukey confidently (at no one’s surprise) continues his steady trajectory to stardom in the run up to his second EP ‘Heartwork’ – another sincere body of work making light of issues in love, trauma and realism.

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