Wavy music with melodic raps: Meet UK rap artist, Baseman

Hello Baseman, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an artist from east London forest gate . I enjoy making wavy music with melodic raps.

How would you describe the sound that you create?

Melodic raps – I enjoy making songs from scratch. I usually start with the hook and then the verses.

How did the idea behind ‘Skittles’ come about?

I was in the studio with a couple of my friends and the engineer. Everyone was sipping lean and smokin. They put on a beat and I never looked back.

Can you explain your creative process when it comes to creating new music?

It’s really simple to be honest – I hear the beat then I create melodies off the back of the vibe I feel from the beat.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Fans loving what I do … mom sayin she’s proud of me – I used to be a bandit.

With the music industry as it stands today, is there anything that you would change if you could?

Yes the fakeness and the dick riding.

You have worked with some talented artists in the past. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future and why?

Ella Mai. I’ll stare at her while she sings to me.

What has been your favourite tune you have done?

New wavin – The song brought me to a new level within my peers and industry.

Is there any more new music we should be looking out for?

Definitely working on 3 projects all dropping this year.

What / who are you listening to at the moment?

NAV and Gunna.

Where do you hope to be in a few years’ time?

Billboards, selling out my own shows and touring the world without selling my soul.

Any last messages?

Don’t sleep on me

‘Skittles’ is available now from all major digital platforms.

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