A blend of Acoustic Soul, R&B and Pop: Introducing Singer-Songwriter, Marilyn Ford

Singer-songwriter Marilyn Ford is a singular talent from Chino Hills, Ca whose music speaks directly to her fans. Her sound is a blend of acoustic soul, R&B and pop. She released My Beautiful Disaster in September, 2018, an EP of four original songs. Taken together, these tracks show Marilyn to be a rapidly-emerging musician going deeper into her artistry with each new recording.

Marilyn began studying music at a young age and developed skills on vocals as well as trumpet, piano, and guitar. She trained as a classical singer at Clark Atlanta University and Loyola Marymount University and has performed across Southern California and Atlanta with choirs, cover bands, and as a solo act. She often gets compared to India Arie, Alicia Keys, and Sade but has found her own personal purchase klonopin online style that combines those influences with a deep artistic vision. This keeps her firmly in her own creative space and far from the shadows of imitation.

Marilyn has a profound originality that few modern performers can match. She invests authentic emotion into her work and this lets her quickly connect with audiences and draw them into her world. Music fans seeking someone fresh, melodic, and soulful need to hear her today.

Find out more about Marylin Ford on social media, and do not miss out on her music, new releases, and upcoming shows! Her latest single ‘Let Me See You Work’ is available now via all major digital platforms.

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