East London, community-driven rapper Frenzy comes through with his highly anticipated EP ‘Murder Mile’

“Some people ONLY care about themselves, we care about our community”

The East London, community-driven rapper Frenzy comes through with his highly anticipated EP ‘Murder Mile’, an authentic and captivating representation of the life of a Hackney resident.

Frenzy, along with others around him, pride his ability to crossbreed various BPM’s, combining elements of a multitude of genres to generate such a unique, alternative hip-hop sound. From the beginning of the year, Frenzy has been keeping all eyes on him with three drops of pure excellence, showcasing his versatility and noteworthy artist direction.

After kicking of 2019 with the dark and conceptual ‘Caesar’ calling upon Nines producer Eyes, he then shook up the scene with arguably the most creative collaboration of the year in ‘Kisses’, featuring Knucks and House Of Pharaohs frontman Knucks. Frenzy’s final statement before the release of the EP was ‘Bro Code’ – a track that sends us 90’s babies straight into a nostalgic state, getting us ready for the club or a classic BBQ, with Trench describing it as ‘The ideal summer banger’.

Frenzy now shakes things up once more, making a serious statement with his ‘Murder Mile’ lead single about the state of knife crime and murder rates in the capital. Having gone through struggles throughout his life, seeing close friends and family being locked up or killed while growing up on the infamous ‘Murder Mile’ strip, Frenzy not only outlines these tragedies in his lyrics but also takes enforcing positivity and hope back into his community of Hackney very seriously. The murder rates are at the highest they’ve been in a decade and the message of ‘Murder Mile’ has never felt more relevant.

“Within those five hundred steps there are seven bodies that have died”

As somewhat of a local celebrity for his charity work and a mentor for his music to young aspiring artists, Frenzy also runs a workshop ‘Fast Forward’ providing free studio time, production and engineering, which this time has resulted in a compilation titled ‘Fast Forward Vol. 1’.

With previous and loyal support from BBC 1Xtra DJs Jeremiah Asiamah, Robert Bruce and Kenny Allstar, as well as features from London heavyweights such as Sam Wise, Kadiata and Knucks, Frenzy has laid some unbreakable foundations for greatness this year. A strong work ethic, exceptional lyricism and a genuine consideration for the well-being of his community has made him one of the most respected artists from East.

‘Murder Mile’ is available now via all major digital platforms.

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