‘Hardly’ is the impressive latest release from emerging UK artist, Juice Menace

“It’s important to take influence from everything around you to make you a versatile artist”

The UK’s next big thing, Juice Menace comes through with new single ‘Hardly’, an ode to the hidden hustle that comes with making waves in music with a beat courtesy of Octavian producer Elevated.

When Juice picked up the mic two years ago at the tender age of seventeen, she has since been perfecting her craft. With a dream for bigger things and an urge to escape her life in Cardiff, Juice began grafting and building a network of young creatives in London which all have now aided in her musical style, branding and visuals. Now at just eighteen-years-old she has worked with respected producers in the UK and US underground circuit including Scott Supreme, Scott Styles, Honeywoodsix and more.

Through nothing but hustle which she outlines in the new track, this young artist has solidified her sound by joining her two prominent influences, West Coast trap and underground UK rap, then adding a fierce, contemporary edge with consistent bass-heavy instrumentals. Taking influences from the likes of Travis Scott, Future and YG, as well as her early inspirations driven from her mother’s favourites such as Fugees, 112 and “all the bad boy artist’s”, Juice’s ear for timeless music as well as the modern buzz is second to none.

From her debut single ‘Probably’ showcasing trap flavours, to this new bouncy joint ‘Hardly’, her versatility shines through. Speaking on the track, Menace states it’s about “the assumption that everything I do is all fun and games but actually there’s a lot of hustle hard work that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see”.

With a well-received Guap live session of ‘Probably’ accomplished and more huge songs on the horizon, Juice Menace is fast becoming a name to get familiar with. She’s young, hungry and ready to hustle so sleep on her at your peril.

‘Hardly’ is available now via all major platforms.

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