Lively flow & infectious melodies upon a shimmery, minimal beat: ‘Rome’ is the latest release from Cruz Irie th gltch

Cruz Irie th gltch presents his brand new single ‘Rome’. This is his second release this year, following up from ‘Engli.’, a collaborative effort with Billy Bundlez and K2x.

Cruz’s performance on ‘Rome’ was built around the initial feeling the beat gave him. ‘music makes us feel something, so if you do it with a feel, its easier for a listener to take in’ he says. Lyrically, the song details his experience with a love interest whilst visiting Rome, a place he describes as ‘one of the best cities I’ve visited’. The track lays Cruz’s lively flow and infectious melodies upon a shimmery, minimal beat; a perfect vibe for the summer.

Raised in Northwest London, Cruz Irie th gltch has been active on the underground scene for a few years. He released his first single ‘Different Day’ in late 2017 and has since released numerous tracks, including the well-received ‘so good.’, released in Summer 2018. Cruz has performed in notable venues such as the Camden Assembly and Proud Camden (now known as Fest Camden). Citing inspirations such as Wiz Khalifa and Mos Def, Cruz has crafted a style that seamlessly blends hip-hop from both sides of the water.

‘Rome’ will is available now across all major streaming platforms.

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