A combination of R&B, soulful trap and hip hop: ‘Go Time’ is the debut release from emerging UK rap artist, TAYLO

TAYLO, the upcoming UK rapper and musician, releases his debut single “Go Time”. TAYLO, who’s background in the dance world has embedded him simultaneously into the entertainment world – represents a brand new generation of creatives well-versed in all aspects of content creation. TAYLO is deeply involved with every aspect of his career, from songwriting, video treatments, set design, choreography and beyond.

TAYLO is just at the start of his music career, but has already started exciting people across the world whilst developing his sound. Whilst dancing and choreographing around the globe, TAYLO encountered hundreds of different genres of music, and over the last 18 months has been developing his sound in Los Angeles, California with the likes of producers and writers Wow Jones (Rihanna), Ron Allen (Kanye West, Ella Mai, Big Sean) and more.

Go Time is a combination of R&B, soulful trap and hip hop, paired with a distinctive British sound, combining the different soundscapes with ease to create a hook-filled track. The explosive music video was shot in Los Angeles, directed by Taylor James Randall (Jennifer Lopez, Big Sean, Kodak Black, French Montana, more) and features adrenaline-fulled scenes, including a helicopter chasing Lamborghinis and BMWs around a racetrack, with all visuals directed by TAYLO and choreography created by Ivan Blackstock, one of UK’s finest choreographers.

Coming from a dance background, Taylo has long been a campaigner for artists’ rights, helping them begin to unionise and become empowered through knowledge of business rates and their own worth. Beyond Taylo’s obvious drip and finesse, the rising artist has helped put together the Dancers’ Network – whose aim is to improve conditions for the dance community on a national level.

‘Go Time’ is available now via all major digital platforms.

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