A confident, assertive and gives-no-fu#ks track: ‘Bruk Out’ is the latest release from Bahamian-born artist, Keeya

Keeya, the Bahamian-born rapper, singer, songwriter and fine artist comes through with ‘Bruk Out’ – a shout out to herself from breaking out of The Bahamas’ traditional constraints while honouring complete uniqueness and self-acceptance.

“Bruk Out is my first foray as my fullest self. It’s me owning my right to like what I like”

On and off stage, Keeya combines traditional concepts and feelings with fearless, forward thinking. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and with art exhibitions in the US, Caribbean and Germany, Keeya uses her artistic background to approach her music uniquely through the lens of fine art. Her passion for creativity also flows outside of music while she explores mediums such as painting, collage, animation and digital media – all with the aim to shake up conventional ways of thinking.

This is first release from the R&B, hip hop-tinged talent since her breakthrough single ‘Faded’ in 2016 – which awarded her with Best Music Video of The Year at the 2017 Elevation Awards – and it’s definitely living up to the bar she set high for herself. ‘Bruk Out’ is a confident, assertive and gives-no-fucks track, with lyrics like ‘you don’t like it, get the fuck out’ showing Keeya’s unapologetic confidence and a firm reinforcement of her need for authenticity. Her unique vocals – which are deeply rooted in traditional R&B and amplified by hip-hop and Caribbean musical influences – are matched by her distinctive style; a nod to the 90’s era and attitude: cool, poised and self-assured with heavy subculture influences taken from her fine arts training and Bahamian roots.

“I make music for those young people like myself who come from small places but know that their voices can be at the centre of the world”

With musical influence from Sade, Beyonce, Lil Kim to Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday, all these legends’ styles can be heard throughout Keeya’s tracks showing her versatility is second to none. In ‘Bruk Out’ she uses hard-hitting raps and lyricism, while incorporating classic, yet contemporary R&B with hints of pop throughout the chorus.

Currently working on her first studio album, Keeya is here to shake things up, encouraging everyone and anyone to live their most authentic lives and break out of the mould. With ‘Bruk Out’ being the first taste of the new, unapologetic Keeya, we eagerly await what’s more to come from this unique artist and musician.

‘Bruk Out’ is available now to stream and purchase via all major digital platforms.

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