Built on a bed of synths and bass: ‘Tubes’ is the latest release from the elusive duo known as Lee Bowie

The elusive duo Lee Bowie dance to the beat of their own drum with their infectious strand of dynamic Pop. Driven with a purpose to create, their previous cuts have been shimmering displays of incredible energy and talent that have attracted much attention far and wide.

With a tease of an album to come at the end of the year they impress once again on ‘Tubes’, their latest groovy yet punchy masterpiece. Built on a bed of synths and bass, they bring the funk in good measure with the attractive sounds of electric guitar and sorts providing added texture.

Not holding back with their liberated approach to creating songs, they have paired it with lyrics that present itself to be both raw and symbolic, leaving a lot to the listeners’ imagination.

In very few words, the pair share their thoughts on ‘Tubes’, calling it “a song about various types of tubes that have, at various times, gotten us into various types of trouble. It’s about loving something that doesn’t love you back.”

The aura around Lee Bowie is alluring. Their ability to create gorgeous music from their everyday conversations – ranging from sexism and injustice to disappointing sexual encounters – is a special one, coming from a place of organic chemistry. On one hand quirky and cheeky and on the other hand serious, their relatability has created and will continue to create fans.

Everything they do is for a reason. They’re always looking to challenge the status quo and if ‘Tubes’ is anything to go by, they are doing their bit to make the world a better place.

‘Tubes’ is available now via all major digital platforms.

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