‘I Do’ is the latest release from Indonesian-based, Californian born Hip Hop artist Ovianno

Indonesian based, Californian born Hip Hop artist Ovianno recently released his latest single I Do, available to listen NOW on all major digital platforms.

I Do comes as the latest example of Ovianno’s ability to inject his multicultural flare into his music. This track is held by steady Hip Hop rhythms but layered with pop hooks and a smooth vocal that blend across the boundaries of genre.

Ovianno draws inspiration from musical greats whose music connects audiences both at live shows and on record. His biggest influences include Queen, Drake and Post Malone, the latter posing many similarities to Ovianno himself.

Alongside the release of I Do, Ovianno dropped the visuals onto his You Tube channel earlier this month. Catch the video here!

Before beginning his solo career, Ovianno was a keen multi-instrumentalist as he started out on the piano. Since his early days, he has always know that his path was through music and it is now coming to life. Ovianno is a driven individual, working tirelessly to deliver a contemporary style of urban music to grab the attention of new listeners.

His latest single I Do can be found on all major digital platforms NOW.

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