A personal ode to music: ‘Therapy’ is the debut release from emerging singer & rap artist, RESPONS

New emerging artist RESPONS is a man clearly with something to say. His name alone is an embodiment of his mantra – ‘respond don’t react’.

Inspired by a great array of music influences, from the sounds of Gospel to Hip-Hop greats like Mos Def and Dr Dre, his six years of hard graft look set to come to fruition with the release of his debut single “Therapy”.

The new single is the perfect introduction to who RESPONS is as an artist. Soulfully inspired Pop production meets his soulfully inspired lyrics. Effortlessly flowing between his beautifully profound tone and slick rap flow, “Therapy” is his personal ode to music and using it for therapeutic means as opposed to seeking relief and escapism through other vices.

Cooped up in his bedroom, surrounded by vinyl’s and posters; armed with his keyboard and his notepad, the new video is all about RESPONS in his creative habitat. Almost like a consultation room for his ‘therapy’, we get a glimpse in to the birthplace of his creativity.

Speaking on his debut release, he went on to share: “’Therapy’ is just really my answer to feeling shit, whenever I’m in bad situations mentally and stuff, I massively rely on music and I think that, that relates to everyone.”

Primed to be an unmistakable voice in music, his desire to be honest and relatable in his music is the crux of his artistry, as evident in his first ever release. With a string of singles to come that explore the human condition in its different facets, from suicide to relationships, RESPONS – or Billy Crabtree to his friends – is sure to win the hearts of many who see themselves in him.

‘Therapy’ is available now via all major platforms.

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