A vibe: ‘Number 1 Rule’ is the latest release from UK rap artist, KD

UK-based Hip Hop artist King Daniel (stylized as KD), has just released his latest single ‘Number 1 Rule’. This is his 7th single of a prolific 2019, following on from his last track, ‘Religion’, released in July.

In his own words, King Daniel describes ‘Number 1 Rule’ simply as ‘a vibe’. The track blends atmospheric synths and hard-hitting trap drums/808’s, topped off with a melodic, energetic vocal performance from KD. This track will resonate well with fans of modern trap with a dark edge.

Born and raised in Nigeria, KD moved to Spain in his teens, buy valtrex over the counter before relocating to the UK in 2017. Since settling in Britain, he has taken his biggest steps along his musical journey, releasing a plethora of singles and music videos throughout 2019. Inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne, Young Thug and Future, King Daniel looks to sprinkle his own unique touch open the trap-infused hip-hop of today.

‘Number 1 Rule’ is out now across all streaming platforms.

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