Introducing Birmingham-born Nigerian rap artist, Seb.T

Birmingham-born Nigerian Seb.T grew up between three worlds, firstly, his family’s deep ties to traditional Igbo percussion music, secondly, the years he spent soaking up Grime music in his childhood and finally, his recent years spent taking in the sounds of Jazz inspired Rap artists such as Andre 3000 & A Tribe Called Quest in his university dorm in Birmingham.

His catchy flows, talent to capture and embody multiple personas and songwriting abilities have landed him in the spotlight and captured the attention of radio outlets such as the BBC.

Seb.T started his music journey early, crafting his artistry in secondary school attending freestyle set rooms with his Grime peers. Once graduating from secondary school Seb.T took time away from the music to focus on studies and making money. In this time he did not once take his ear away from the music or his pen away from his pad.

After graduating from university Seb.T decided to start taking things seriously and start investing money in recording professionally. He came back and decided to take a different direction, instead of recording just Grime he would also record Jazz-inspired Rap. He felt as though Jazz fused with Rap would be the perfect formula to express his art.

Seb.T is now set to release his E.P titled ‘Disconnect’ which will be released on 5th December 2019.

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