‘Running Away’ is the latest release from Nigerian R&B artist, Dandi Mil

R&B artist Dandi Mil has just released his brand new single ‘Running Away’. This is his 1st single of the year, and his first release across all major streaming platforms.

The sentiment behind ‘Running Away’ was born from the darker side of Dandi Mil’s childhood. Growing up witnessing his mother’s maltreatment at the hands of her husband, he vowed to ‘make every woman who I come across feel loved’. The track reflects this vow in Dandi’s powerful, infectious vocal delivery, atop the driving drum lines and atmospheric synths.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Dandi Mil started his music career in 2009 at age 14, before taking a hiatus in 2013, working carefully to redefine his sound. Having returned this year and citing his main inspirations as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, his unique sound incorporates elements of R&B, Funk and Hip Hop, proving his versatility from track to track.

Running Away is available now across all streaming platforms.

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