A feel-good vibe: ‘DIVE’ is the latest project from Canadian musical duo XTRAKYD & F51 Music

Canadian music scene staples join forces as F51 Music & XTRAKYD to release the brand new “feel-good” vibe “DIVE” to all digital platforms. The song features infectious pop hooks, stunning vocals and slick production.

As part of the Ultra Music staple of songwriters, Demetri James has penned songs for artists including Flo Rida, Benny Benassi, ATB & Marc Benjamin. As an artist Demetri prefers to work under the moniker F51 Music, a meaningful throwback to his origins in the industry as an artist.

A product of the robust Toronto music and studio scene, XtraKyd (under his real name) has made a substantial mark on the Canadian music industry, with major successes and accolades. XtraKyd took on the pseudonym to release music as an artist, rather than working in his usual behind-the-scenes writing/producing role. XK carves his niche creating upbeat electronic pop music.

In the summer of 2018, while two of Toronto’s well established pro songwriters were working together, they came to a realization that had until then eluded them completely. They were neighbours. Living literally only a few hundred meters apart, it had never come up in conversation until a fateful day where a writing session was moved to Demetri James’s home studio. The texted address was met with an “LOL” response. Geography then sparked a fruitful working relationship between the two.

While working together XtraKyd, who had not yet come up with the AKA, brought up his intentions of creating an artist project to release a specific vein of music he felt was underrepresented and underestimated by the industry gatekeepers in general. Upbeat, fun, positive music. As a pop songwriter in the current era, often the duty is creating tones, moods, lyrics and emotions that are ironic, dark, sarcastic or redolent of attitude and swagger. All excellent grist for intriguing stories and engaging music, but the duo felt that didn’t represent everything that pop music fans gravitate to. Of course, many other artists have forged brands in the fun, upbeat lane with great success, but every artist has an approach and vibe uniquely their own.

“If I can reach anyone, make them smile, dance or just feel good for 3 & 1/2 minutes, than I have buy accutane pharmacy succeeded. The world needs more Happy.” – XTRAKYD

XtraKyd and F51 donned, from their many selection of proverbial hats, their artist caps and set out to write and produce their first song… CABO featuring a little known indie singer, with an incredible voice named Aleandra Hawse.

“She nailed the song and vibe. She has such a great tone that really sold the idea.” – F51.

The song was released as a test piece, for the two to do something they hadn’t done in their recent professional careers… play the role of artists. It had minimal promotion with next to no budget, but a few emails to some chance taking playlist owners generated several thousand spins on streaming platforms under the name XtraKyd & F51.

“One thing we knew, was that the project was all about the music, that’s what our world.” – F51

Now having just released their second single, “DIVE” through Canada’s Flying Colours Music and digital distro partner Believe Music, XKF51 hope to garner an organic fan base and further the reach of the music. DIVE was the outcome of a writing session with another Canadian pop music favourite, BRDGS. He lent his amazingly empathetic vocal styling to the demo, and the sound stuck. Even though not credited, it is indeed his voice on the final track with his support and blessing.

XtraKyd and F51 have now proudly embarked, full tilt on the path of indie music artists. Both starting early in their careers in the role, they acknowledge the significant differences of the industry now. Admiration for colleagues that work on the other side of the curtain has always been top of mind. Now the support of those same artists is valued whenever advice and direction is required, much the same way that songwriting and music production direction has been shared by XK and F51 in the past.

It’s a new, exciting challenge for the team of XtraKyd and F51 Music. But the focus will remain the same as always… MUSIC… It’s what they know, it’s what they do and it’s what they love.

Dive is available now via all major platforms.

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