‘Apathy’ is the exceptional new release from UK Soul singer-songwriter, Amahla

After an impressive year, Amahla continues to share her unique approach to confessional songwriting on the exceptional new release, ‘Apathy’.

Starting with just an acoustic guitar and vocals ‘Apathy’ provides a soundscape for a journey of addiction. The lyrics explore our primal search for comforts however harmful in the midst of chaos. Starting almost speechlike, Amahla’s vocals glide effortlessly between gravel lows and transcendent highs, perfectly demonstrating the expanse of her vocal range – further emphasised by the song’s defining crescendo.

Speaking on the track she said:

“Recently I’ve begun to feel more disillusioned with the world and politics. Once I decided to just stop, turn off the TV, stop watching the news and reading the newspaper. ‘Apathy’ is about the feeling that sets in after, when you realise your newfound comfort is the ability to turn things off, a privilege that so many don’t have.”

‘Apathy’ expresses the exasperation of living in an increasingly divided and politicised world. It’s a commentary on the crutches that lead us to find comfort in ignorance. With our exit date from the EU looming and world politics uncertain, perhaps ‘Apathy’ is an insight into how we’re all feeling, overwhelmed and seeking stability.

The Hackney Soul singer-songwriter has spent 2019 playing sets at The Jazz Cafe, Roundhouse, The Royal Albert Hall and two sets at The Great Escape Festival; in addition to selling out two headline shows at The Roundhouse and St Pancras Old Church.

Awarded the PRS Lynsey De Paul Prize for outstanding emerging songwriters this time last year, Amahla was propelled by the release of her debut EP “Consider This” which received critical acclaim for its tackling of social issues, songwriting and Amahla’s signature vocal delivery. A talent that legendary Drum and Bass duo Brookes Brothers recognised early, with Amahla co-writing and featuring on their soulful summer release ‘In The Moment’, which gave Amahla her first New Music Friday UK feature.

With previous support from key tastemakers THE 405, THE LINE OF BEST FIT, EARMILK and CLASH, the lasting impression of Soul greats like Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone whose music reflected an era are felt; but Amahla’s unique lyricism and distinctive vocals puts her in a realm of her own.

With a new project on the horizon, being featured by 02 Music and MSG London as one of London’s best new live acts and joining Primary Talent International and Metropolis Music for her third headline show of 2019, this rising talent is fast solidifying herself as one to watch.

Live Dates
Monday November 11th – The Lexington, London

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