Danish pop group Marshall Cecil address social isolation in ‘Soliloquy (Wouldn’t Feel Alone)’

Genre-blending Danish group Marshall Cecil, unleash their moving new single ‘Soliloquy (Wouldn’t Feel Alone)’, alongside the compelling visuals directed by Vice Media Creative Director Emil Asmussen and cinematographer Niels Borup, available now through their own label Heady.

The poignant new cut takes the listener on a symbolic journey through front man Daniel Abraham’s mind. Speaking on the track, the lead singer and songwriter explains;

“Tt’s a self-examining conversation with myself that spins out of control and ends in a cathartic rap. It’s a song open for interpretation but for me it’s about the relation between excessive self-examination and loneliness.”

The title, ‘Soliloquy’ refers to a theatrical device used within a play, when a character talks to themselves – thinking out loud, as it were – so that the audience better understands what is happening to the character internally. “When we wrote the song, I was in a place where music made me look within myself more than noticing the world around me. It made me feel lonely. Music can be a monster like that. It can treat you like a manipulative partner and end up playing you. The rap part in the end is me wrestling with that monster,” Daniel reveals.

Addressing social isolation, a phenomenon increasingly common in an era where the physical is being replaced by the digital, the visuals feature auto-fictional elements including iPhone clips, personal footage from the trio’s recording sessions and live shows, alongside more intimate images showing a glimpse of the lead singer’s daily life. Born from a close collaboration between the band and directors to create a visual story that draws from the song’s deeply afflicting and raw lyrics perfectly depicting “loneliness, this complex and unpleasant emotional response to isolation,” explains Daniel, talking about the concept behind the song and video.

“We’re exploring loneliness while being surrounded by people. Sometimes the answer to our isolation is right in front of us – companionship – but we’re usually too busy finding the answers within ourselves. The song and video are not an answer to this problem – rather an abstract depiction of it.’’

Having made their mark on the international music scene with a series of enthralling singles and videos, gaining praise from the likes of Vice/Noisey and Clash Magazine, and notching up memorable live performances at some of the biggest international festivals including Reeperbahn and Roskilde – Marshall Cecil is not like any other band out there. Using their individual production skills, fusing elements from r&b, pop, hip-hop, with ‘Soliloquy’ they created unique and potent music formula, one that is both triumphant, forward-thinking and touching at the same time.

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