Introducing Alternative Pop artist Cheska Moore and her haunting debut release ‘Boy Who Tried’

Cheska Moore is an alternative pop artist who combines eerie modern soundscapes with unique, mystifying vocals and raw, genuine songwriting. Rather than being presented with an idealistic view of the world, listeners are taken on a very real journey into the ups and downs of real life. It is a journey that is led by Cheksa’s charismatic stylings and beautiful yet oddly unsettling instrumentation. Inspired by the likes of Halsey, Sia, Melanie Martinez, Banks, Lana Del Rey and the cinematic soundscapes of the horror genre, her music is the result of a girl growing up to realise the flaws in the Utopian world that she, and many others, have been led to believe in.

Her amazing debut offering ‘Boy Who Tried’ is about not feeling worthy to be loved by someone who is so willing to try, hence ‘Boy Who Tried’.

Speaking on the track, Cheska shared:

“Not feeling worthy to be loved seems to be a common theme in many people and relationships I see around me. Many times pride gets in the way and can stop people from releasing the problems that stem from this underlying feeling. The hope is that people hear this song and can relate to it, and in turn feel understood.”

When asked about the creative approach, Cheska says:

“I have created this dark-pop single as both an outlet and a place for listeners to feel understood. The combination of thick droning bass that intensifies with every chorus, vocoders, minor harmonies and deep vocal octaves come together to create an eerie and nightmarish atmosphere. This epic, electronic dark-pop ballad draws from different genres, for example triphop, and is inspired by the cinematic soundscapes of the horror genre.”

This up and coming artist began gaining the admiration of hundreds of thousands of music fans after posting a series of popular cover songs on YouTube. A stand-out example is her cover of Alec Benjamin’s ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ which boasts over six million views over various social media platforms. Her signature style of re-inventing existing songs into her own sad ‘minor’ version has certainly had her noticed by many.

Cheska’s rare breed of dark, alt-pop is mainly inspired by her own experiences of life. Growing up, she felt like a misfit, often finding solace in the darker side of music. It wasn’t until hearing Sia’s ‘1000s Forms of Fear’ album that Cheska realised there was a huge market for the melancholic side of her creative output.

‘Boy Who Tried’ is available now from all major platforms.

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