Introducing emerging UK recording artist, Slicko DiCaprio

Slicko DiCaprio (real name Panashe Danga) is an emerging recording artist from London, UK. Originally from Zimbabwe, DiCaprio moved in Newham when he was two years old where he would live until the age of eight; when his family relocated to Doncaster, South Yorkshire. It was here that DiCaprio’s passion for music would fully take root, when he met members of the Doncaster rap group MTID at 16 years old. With this group he would go forth at release Hiphop & trap inspired sounds for three years before branching off on his own.

After going on his own route, DiCaprio’s sound evolved to include more melodic sounds, often borrowing from the styles of R&B, jazz and funk and even rock elements in some of his work. The culmination of this resulted in his 2019 self-released ep 22.

As an artist, DiCaprio feels his biggest inspirations are the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino and Michael Jackson. Each artist playing a pivotal role in influencing the evolution of his sound.

As of current, DiCaprio is working on his next EP titled “Mortal Bodies”, which he plans on releasing next year; in the meanwhile, his next single “Consider It Done” will be available on all platforms on the 22nd of November 2019.

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