Multiple vibes in one track: ‘As If’ is the latest release from UK rap artist, Political Peak

UK hip-hop artist Political Peak is set to release his new single ‘As If’ on 15th October 2019. This track is a follow up to his last warm up single ‘An I” released in September last month.

Political Peak created the single ‘As If’ with the intended idea of having multiple vibes in one song, switching up the instrumental throughout the song, having fun with lyrics giving off mixed emotions, The song starts off exciting & expressive, as we move further into song it tends to get deeper & the lyrics tend to reflect on the area he grew up in & obstacles he faced.

Paris Lee Bell-Mckay, known as Political Peak is a Brixton boy, born and raised. His rise to fame through Youtube and DIY shoot and upload technology has garnered him over 1 million views per upload actively years 2010-2013. Peak was quiet over the years prior to his single ‘One Step’ which was released October 2018, fast forward to 2019 Peak has plans on staying consistent with quality music for his listeners. Inspired by artists such as Skepta, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Meek Mill, Political Peak offers listeners a refreshing twist on modern hip-hop.

‘As If’ is available now via all major platforms.

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