Pure 80’s vibes: ‘A Little Too Late’ is the latest release from London-based Scottish and Slovenian duo Jimmy & Verona

Scottish and Slovenian duo Jimmy & Verona release their irresistibly 80’s Vibey Pop single ‘A Little Too Late’.

The video captures the song in reverse with a broken lyric sheet being magically put back together by Verona. This duo is the true epitome of the ‘DIY modern musician’ by writing, producing, mixing all their material in their home studio and even shooting the video themselves!

“A Little Too Late is a song about buy klonopin from mexico being done with constantly waiting for someone who keeps giving empty and broken promises. It translates into any story between two conflicting people, siding with the person on the receiving end of bad news, apologies and excuses, when they finally decide to move on.”

‘A Little Too Late’ is available now via all major worldwide streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

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