Taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘Back To Strangers’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter & musician, Marrius

Marrius is a London-based singer-songwriter who started on piano, converted to guitar, collaborates with a wide range of talented musicians in the UK, US, Europe and has supported Alt-J and Steve Tyler.

Marrius is due to release his second EP, on November 8th, with the second track that dropped this month. This EP is a four track bible mix of modern electronics with a soulful pop edge. His gruff hazed out vocal slides across smooth guitar licks and isolated R&B drum expressions. After ‘Borrowed Time’ released over the summer, the next single ‘Back To Strangers’, recorded in London and Paris is available now via all major platforms.

Undeniably infectious, the track is built around the destructive process in relationships and the results that follow:

“I’ll keep changing, you won’t know me.”

You will find a surprising swing to this track, smooth guitar licks and a powerful chorus with a soulful voice to lead the way. French order valtrex uk Producer Vincent Choquet adds a warped synthetic edge to Marrius’ irrepressible song writing talent, creating a groove ready head-nodder. Songwriter/Producer Livingstone Brown (Ed Sheeran, Shakira, Kylie Minogue) co-wrote the 4 tracks, adding his unique storytelling skills and expansive musical knowledge mixing with Marrius’ modern electronics with a soulful pop edge. Just imagine early The Weeknd, jamming with Arctic Monkeys pumped through a French modular synth…quite the combination.

French graphic designer Christophe Evrard (The Office) completes the team by delivering the elegant artwork, while respecting the EP’s theme of “less is more.”

“I am really impressed with what I’m hearing. Your talent is undeniable.” – Amund Bjorklund: Grammy winning songwriter producer (Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers) gives early feedback

Marrius will take his second EP to the stage at London’s Waiting Room on the 8th of November – Stage time 9 pm, tickets available here.

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