A seamless blend of Trap, Rap & Punk Rock: ‘Vandal’ is the debut release from emerging artist Marcy X

Punk/Hip Hop artist Marcy X has just released a brand new video for his latest single ‘Vandal’. This is his debut release across all streaming platforms.

‘The world is meant to be conquered on a skateboard!’, says Marcy X. His philosophy is evident in the video for ‘Vandal’, which shows him skating around the streets of Lisbon, fitting scenery for the track itself. The songs seamlessly blends Trap and Punk Rock, drawing upon infectious, distorted guitar riffs and a busy groove, topped off with an energetic vocal performance.

Only one track in, Marcy X is already carving his own lane within today’s hip-hop scene. Born in Angola but raised in South Africa, Marcy X fell in love with skateboarding in his formative years, along with multiple genres of music, including punk, grunge and hip-hop. Now based in Lisbon, he has used these influences to launch his own career, currently working tirelessly on his debut EP. His unique identity within the hip-hop field has positioned him as a standout amongst his peers, right from the beginning. ‘Vandal’ is available now across all major streaming platforms.

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