An unraveling tango between love and dreams: ‘(Not) Just A Man’ is the debut EP from Afropop artist, Wisdom

Afropop artist Wisdom has just released his debut EP ‘(Not) Just A Man’. The project follows on from his latest single ‘Happy’, released in July. A visualiser has been released alongside the EP, available now on YouTube.

‘An unraveling tango between love and dreams’ may be the perfect way to describe (Not) Just A Man. An eclectic mixture of sounds and aesthetics under the Afro umbrella, Wisdom outlines his ambitions with personal stories from track to track, winding his way through infectious rhythms and striking melodies whilst maintaining an energetic, versatile vocal performance throughout. Recorded in Houston, Texas, the project has already made it’s mark in his native country, topping the Apple Music Charts in Nigeria.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Wisdom’s first exposure to performing came whilst singing in choirs during the majority of his youth. After taking his first steps into establishing a solo career in 2016, a video of himself sharing a kiss on-stage with Adele went viral during her ’25’ tour, granting him his first taste of fame. Now with an EP and a handful of well-receiving singles under his belt, Wisdom has already established himself as a unique entity within the Afrobeat scene.

(Not) Just A Man is available now across all major streaming platforms.

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