‘Hold That Thought’ is the latest release from UK soul & R&B vocalist, Stella Talpo

Provoked by human behaviour, nostalgia, art and addiction, Italian songstress Stella Talpo brings a unique experimental touch to the UK soul & R&B scene. The now South-London based vocalist uses her alluring sound coupled with musing lyricism and her evocative tone to stir the kind of emotion that leaves listeners always wanting more.

‘Hold That Thought’ is the latest single from Stella Talpo, and sees the London-based vocalist step into a new sound, whilst teaming up with producer, KINDER. The track follows previous singles ‘314’ & ‘Easy’ which gathered support from the likes of Worldwide FM, Rinse FM, Amazing Radio + more.

“The track was written within 2 hours of meeting Kinder, a chance encounter made possible by a mutual fan on Twitter (best collaboration story ever). The track wasn’t developed from any particular intention or pre-written idea rather, the story and feeling kind of unraveled itself as we wrote it. I find that’s becoming often the case with my songs, I don’t really know what I’m writing until it’s finished and then I realise hot damn, I never thought about it like that.

In many ways, the nature and idea of innocence is defined by the perception and experience of whomever is passing judgement. Since everyone’s truth is different, and therefore someone somewhere will always think you’re guilty or wrong, the question explored is will one ever be innocent? And more importantly, if you know your truth better than anyone else, does it matter?

I guess that’s the hyperbolic way of expressing how I felt for so many years. I spent a lot of my life feeling guilty and wrong and at fault and I guess Hold That Thought shows that progression from wrongly accused to owning my power through a seductive and provocative surrender… a la fine, you want me to be guilty, here it is.”

‘Hold That Thought’ is available now via all major platforms.

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