A ferocious, sexually adventurous, powerhouse performer: Introducing RIAA Gold Award Winning Songwriter, M.

RIAA Gold Award Winning Songwriter M. Maggie Miller is relaunched as M., a ferocious, sexually adventurous, powerhouse performer.

With over 350 Million streams and a collection of bold, sexy song collaborations around the world, M. is an untamable force. This vocal vixen has musical features on the Emmy Award winning show So You Think You Can Dance, ESPN, MTV, The CW, Good Morning America, NBC’s World of Dance, and a huge collaboration with Hyundai Motors, as well as print support from Buzzfeed’s Amazing Pop Songs You May Have Missed, Complex Pigeons and Planes and Nylon Magazine.

For the past 2 years M. has been stirring up some delicious new sounds for a explorative, expressive appetite. Listeners prepare to enter M.’s world; a dazzling place where there are no rules except to be completely wild and enjoy every minute of it. Her album is unexpected and, though we cant seem to pin her to a genre, her sultry buy valtrex cheap soulful vocals take us on a ride through many desired feels.

M.’s latest release ‘Real Close’ is a daring confessional dance record meant to shock the listener with its direct, rebellious approach to a new love. It’s easy to fall head over heals for a confident, well experienced mate, but M. makes it clear, her intention is strictly sensual with no strings attached. The refreshingly forward statement “I don’t need a beau, I just need you Real Close” is crystal clear and exactly what we needed to hear this season. ‘Real Close’ keeps it fun and sexy, perfect to dance you right into a new year with an explosive start to 2020.

This pop artist surprises on stage with a heated, dead honest performance that gets nasty in the best ways.

‘Real Close’ is available now via Spotify and all major digital platforms.

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