A motivational force for the listeners: ‘Get There’ is the new album from Third Sun

Inspired by ideas of movement and progression, Third Sun intended ‘Get There’ to be a motivational force behind his listeners. The concept of movement is emulated in the ebbs and flows of each individual track, with feature vocal tracks from a variety of artists including Soup from Jurassic 5 and R&B artist T.R.O.Y. ‘Get There’ is out now via all major platforms.

Musician, producer and recording artist, Third Sun cut his chops working in many buy lasix with no prescription major LA studios such as Paramount Recordings, The Record Plant and Village Recorder. He has also worked with artists like Natalie Stewart from Floetry, Macy Grey and Usher. His second album, ‘Get There’ challenged his role of producer, urging him to break away from traditional Hip Hop/R&B song structures and experiment with different arrangements. The use of vocal samples elevates the album with catchy, infectious hooks and melodies.

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